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Ostomy Supplies

Full Line of Ostomy and Urological 

Excellent Ostomy and Urological Supplies

Finding a caring place to purchase ostomy and urological supplies can be a challenge. Choose a pharmacy that has over 30 years of experience assisting customers with all their medical needs.
Preston Socora Pharmacy offers a full line of ostomy and urological supplies and products. We can even special order items for you if we don't have what you need in stock!
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We Can Bill Your Insurance

Preston Socora Pharmacy is an accredited provider of ostomy and urological supplies. We can bill Medicare and many other third party insurances so you don't have to.

Ostomy Supplies

  • Indwelling catheters
  • External or Texas catheters
  • Intermittent catheters
  • Male and female catheters
  • Ostomy bags and pouches

Answering Your Questions

Our staff is a great resource and can help you become knowledgeable about your health issues. We can help you understand the types of products and supplies available for your health condition. Get in touch with us!
Call us for FREE delivery of prescribed medicines.
Get FREE consultation also.
Our pharmacist, Gary Hand, RPH, graduated from the University Of Kansas, School Of Pharmacy. We'll always answer your calls when you contact us during office hours.
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