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Simplify My Meds

We Have Simplified the Refilling Process of Medications

"Simplify My Meds" is a refill synchronization and adherence program designed to improve your medication adherence and improve your overall well-being. The heart of the model is refill synchronization, a concept in which all of your prescriptions are coordinated to be refilled on the same day of each month. This process helps you maintain your medication regimen by reducing the potential for gaps between refills and adding the convenience of a single trip to the pharmacy each month.

Confirming Your Prescription

Prior to your pickup day, you are contacted by the pharmacy to determine any therapy changes and reconfirm your pickup date. Medication changes, adverse side effects and other issues that may lead to noncompliance can be found early and appropriate adjustments can be made with these callouts, which lessen the possibility of multiple office visits and hospital stays.  

Prescriptions Refilled on the Same Date

The "Simplify My Meds" program is based on having all your prescriptions come due on the same day of the month by utilizing synchronized refills. To accomplish this, some prescriptions will have to be short filled one time only to align them with your other prescriptions. We'll help you choose a date that becomes your pickup date each month.

No More Emergency Refills

Never deal with last minute phone calls and emergency refills ever again! Seven to ten days prior to your pickup date, we'll contact you to review your medications. Any new prescriptions, discontinued or changed scripts or recent hospitalizations are discussed at this time.
Any prescriptions with zero refills are faxed, called or e-scribed to your doctor. This allows plenty of time to authorize the prescription or schedule an appointment if necessary. The day before your pickup date, we'll review your order, resolve any remaining issues and contact you again to remind you of your upcoming pickup date.
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